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How to Register

At River Valley you can register anywhere via our online Student Information System SIS.

Once logged in you will see the Personal Welcome Screen. From here you can access all of your RVCC information.

On the Registration screen, you can select term, add or drop classes, look up classes, see a detailed schedule of your classes, see who your advisor is, see a step-by-step student schedule and take a look at your week. These are instructions for registering for classes, but click through the other options to access all of your SIS resources!

To Register for Classes

  • Click on the add or drop classes option. Here you can add or drop classes. To do so, you will need the CRN number for the class. This number is specific to the Course Schedule. The CRN is the 5-digit number.
  • Once you submit your changes you will get a notification that you have registered for classes, or you cannot be registered for the class and the reason why (class is full, you need to complete prerequisites, incorrect CRN etc.)
  • For detailed instructions with screenshots, click here to view the SIS Registration Directions.
  • If you have any problems registering and want help, contact your program director or go to the ACT Center (603-542-7744) and they will be able to walk you through it.

We recommend that you register for classes as soon as you can. If a class fills up and you are not registered for it, you will not be guaranteed a spot.